About Us

Did you know that when you meet someone for the first time, you have only 30 seconds to make a lasting impression?

When you feel good and confident, you transmit that vibe to the people around you. If you are more confident, you smile more, stand straighter, and speak with more conviction; you feel more secure and believe you can do anything you set your mind to. Clothing is an important tool that you can use to your advantage, regardless of size and proportions.  Clothes reinforce our self-image and help to define who we are.

Everyone has their own personal style, but it is not always easy to find the items that are the best fit for your body type and lifestyle. Dressing well is not synonymous with dressing expensively or staying at the cutting edge of fashion. Instead, dressing well resonates with a sensation of increased self-esteem. To achieve this feeling, an image consultant in Dallas or a fashion consultant in Dallas can make all the difference.

International Image Consulting offers more than just a fashion stylist in Dallas or a wardrobe consultant in Dallas. We are a company that provides services that will help you become an enhanced, more confident self. We have been fully trained to assist women and men in developing their own style and allowing them to look their very best.

Some of our features include:

  • Dallas personal stylist
  • Dallas fashion stylist
  • Dallas personal shopper
  • Image consultant in Dallas TX

We have a personal stylist in Dallas and a personal shopper in Dallas waiting to serve you. Contact us today for all of your Dallas shopping and style needs! We look forward to meeting you!