International Image Consulting is a company based in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and is dedicated to make you look your best. Elisa Rodriguez our image consultant has been extensively trained by the Sterling Style Academy an internationally recognized institute that prepares men and women for success in the image, fashion and style industries.

We offer different services that are affordable for all walks of life. We work with all types of people from stay-at-home mom’s to corporate professionals.

Color Analysis and Fashion Styling

With the Personal Color Analysis you will learn how to enhance your natural coloring and make yourself look younger and healthier.This consultation will evaluate your current style and will set objectives for the style you want to achieve with clothes that flatter your body no matter what size you wear you can always look your best. 

Personal Shopping

Imagine your very own personal shopper that gives you their fashion expertise at your favorite stores. We will pull clothes that flatter you and your personal style and body shape. You will shop with someone that will help you look your best from head to toe and make shopping easy and fun!

Special occasions shopping

Dressing for a job, an interview, an internship, a networking event, etc. is a source of anxiety for everyone at some point in their career; even more so for young adults just entering the workforce. Each company and event is different, so it can be nerve-racking not knowing what the proper dress code is, what you can and can’t wear, etc. You want to make the best impression, of course, and your clothes say a lot about you and who you are. We can help you shop and take the burden out of your shoulders. If you have a special occasion and not sure what will be the right dress for You .We’ll be there for you 

Wardrobe Clustering and Closet Evaluation

Think about your closet; does the thought of entering it fill you with dread? Is it overstuffed and overflowing one of the best thing you can do for yourself is to clean it out, there is no reason to hang on to an item you bought 10 years ago.

Cleaning your closet will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed; ready to go forward with your life and we will be glad to help! . This is the best way to reinvent your wardrobe without spending any money. “Everyone has small treasures in their closet that they just don’t know what to do with. We help people make beautiful outfits out of items that would have otherwise been donated”